That Was A Disney Movie?

Nah, just made with Mouse Money.  Pixar‘s latest release, The Incredibles, wasn’t as good as I was expecting.   Maybe I’m just jaded. At least, as far as superheroes are concerned.  I mean, I’ve seen some of the best (not to mention the worst– Rob Liefeld, I’m looking at you!) comics have to offer.  It’s not as if the movie’s doing anything new.  Alan Moore did a very similar story, albeit much darker with Marvelman (Miracleman, in the States).  There’s a lot of elements of The Last Days of the JSA in there as well.  A lot of influence from the Doom Patrol (mostly stealing borrowing Elasti-Girl‘s name) as well.   Okay, I’m getting geeky and critical.  I’m stopping.

Okay, previews: Nothing too exciting.  New Star Wars.  Seriously?  “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” popped up on the screen and I overheard someone crack: “Wait, before George Lucas sucked?”  Something called Polar Express too. Doesn’t look very promising to me.  And I love Tom Hanks.  Okay, Tom Hanks without Meg Ryan.


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