Nerd Weekend

April 4, 2005

Planet Comicon was this past weekend. It wasn’t bad. I had more fun last year, but hey, I spent two days at a comic book convention. Saw Jeremy again. Bought his sketch book, got a couple more sketches from him. Actually, I had this crazy idea to do with sketches. I thought it’d be cool to pick a theme and get a bunch of sketches on one page. I settled on the JLA this time around and wandered around the show getting sketches. Here’s what I got:

-Batman by Jeremy Haun
-Green Arrow by Phil Hester
-Flash by Rick Burchett
-Wonder Woman by Phil Moy
-Superman by Jeff Moy
-Green Lantern by Angel Medina

I also got a Popeye sketch from Terry Austin, which is quite cool. I also had this crazy idea for a Batman story thanks to a panel Steve Englehart, Marshall Rogers and Austin did.

Saw Sin City Saturday night. Gorgeous film. The first movie I’ve seen this year that I actually liked.

The weather was almost perfect today. I went outside, sat on the patio with my lunch and read for a few hours. I wrote a bit. Nothing major, just some stuff for that superhero series I’ve been thinking about for the last few years.