Democratic Primary Round-Up

According to her campaign chairman, Hillary Clinton is “absolutely not” prepared to concede to Barack Obama. With only 31delegates available in the remaining two contests (in Montana and South Dakota, taking place today), neither candidate will receive the required 2,118 delegates to clinch the nomination. That leaves the decision in the hands of the 193 undecided superdelegates.

Clinton managed to win Puerto Rico over the weekend, taking the majority of the territory’s 55 delegates. Obama, however, has received the support of several high-ranking Democrats, including the House majority whip, James Clyburn and former President Jimmy Carter. Clyburn is the highest-ranking African American in Congress and the Number Three Democrat in the House of Representatives. He is also a superdelegate. Noted Clinton supporter, Senator Diane Feinstein (of California) believes it’s time for the former First Lady to end her campaign.

According to CNN, Obama currently has 2,088 delegates (including 344 superdelegates) to Clinton’s 1,917 (293 superdelegates). A recent poll shows that Senator Obama also has a slight advantage (five percent) over the presumptive Repuclican nominee, John McCain.

Looks like the next twenty four hours will be very interesting for the Democratic party.

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