The Wife McCain Left Behind

“[John] McCain divorced her [his first wife, Carol] in 1980 and married Cindy, 18 years his junior and the heir to an Arizona brewing fortune, just one month later.”

I’m curious as to how he can spin that.  Obviously, it’s difficult to put a positive spin on a divorce, unless you can somehow put the blame on the other spouse (i.e. infidelity).

Which, in this case, isn’t possible.

Carol McCain was in a very serious car accident while her husband was a P.O.W. in Viet Nam.  Icy roads caused her to lose control of her vehicle and hit a telephone pole on Christmas Eve in 1969.  She suffered massive internal injuries and shattered her pelvis and one arm.

She spent six months in the hospital.  Surgeons removed sections of shattered bone, saving her legs at the cost of five inches of height.

She put on weight and was confined to a wheelchair and had to use a catheter.

After much hard work, she was able to walk again.

When John McCain returned home from Viet Nam, he found his wife did not resemble the swimsuit model and beauty pageant contestant he’d married.

The Republican presidential candidate’s ex-wife has maintained silence over the divorce for nearly thirty years.

That’s a very brief summary of the article.  There’s also quotes from his acquaintances, hers, and several others.  It’s an interesting read.

Like I said, I’m curious how he’ll spin it.  Or if he’ll even have to.  I don’t think Barack Obama will bring it up in a debate or campaign advertising, but if McCain tries to make the race about character at any point…  Well, I’d say unless Obama’s got a big, dark secret, McCain’s in trouble.

One Response to The Wife McCain Left Behind

  1. nearlynormalized says:

    McCani and our Gov–Jim Gibbons–they talk out of the side their mouths. Barack, he plays basketball and the little weasel McCain cannot.

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