Spoiler-Free Reaction to Identity Crisis #6

November 10, 2004

No way.



Excuse Me While I Nerd Out

October 1, 2004

Got comics today.  Shipping problems in New York delayed them.  Pretty good week.  I picked up the full run of Watchmen along with my pulls.  The third issue of Avengers Disassembled came out this week.  Another Avenger’s dead.  Well, sort of.  A ton of past Avengers show up at the ruins of the mansion, responding to the Code White put out by Wasp when the first attack hit.  A Kree ship appears overhead and opens fire. Hawkeye sacrifices hjimself to destroy the ship.  A fine, heroic death, sure.  Completely meaningless, however, partially because preview pages for future issues show everyone but Hawkeye alive and well, and Kurt Busiek has already said he’ll bring Clint back if he dies during the crossover.  Watch the new Thunderbolts series, that’s where he’ll pop up.  By the end of next year, I promise you.

Oh yeah, and I feel stupid for not realizing this before, but the Scarlet Witch is behind this somehow. God damn it.

As for Identity Crisis, some current specualtion puts the blood on former Robin, Nightwing’s hands.  A bit of a reach, if you ask me.  It wasn’t Dr. Light, as it’s been stated in the series… the only other suspect I’ve heard is Captain Boomerang, but he doesn’t seem to be acting like the every superhero in the DCU is after him.  Only three more issues.  The killer should be revealed by the end of the next issue.

My personal favorite though? Astonishing X-Men #5.  It’s perfect.