August 11, 2004

Took a walk to Elite today.

Picked up the JLA/Avengers hardcover.

I’m pretty much in Heaven.

Nerd Harder

July 8, 2004

So, Newsarama.com has the first twenty three pages of Avengers #500 up. Now, I’m one to avoid spoilers and the like, but I couldn’t help it. I’ve been going through Avengers withdrawal since Busiek left. Geoff Johns‘ arc wasn’t actually that bad. But, this is Brian Michael Bendis with David Finch on Marvel’s premiere super-team. Basically, Marvel realized that the Avengers were filled with C and D level characters. Unlike the JLA, which is made up of the “Magnificent Seven,” the heavy hitters, the A List of the DCU. The thing is, Marvel doesn’t really have an “A List.” Marvel characters are human, more relatable, more street level, as opposed to DC’s Gods Among Men. So, the Avengers are getting the star treatment, apparently. The line-up’s supposed to be kept secret and it is– no one knows– but I’m going to take a few guesses.

Captain America– Obvious choice, he’s been a mainstay of the team since being revived in #4. Possibly a little TOO obvious. I’d lay money he’s going to be in one of the Avengers books, though.

Thor– Another big gun. And a founding Avenger. With Bendis’ partner in crime on Powers, Michael Avon Oeming, writing Thor, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was on the team when the dust settles. But, he’s also a friggin’ GOD. I can see him, well, not caring.

Iron Man– The last part of the Avengers’ Big Three. With him as Secretary of Defense and the Avengers a sovereign power and member of the United Nations… Shellhead’s another obvious choice, as he’s one of Marvel’s big names.

Wasp– As a longtime longtime Avenger, Wasp’s a fan fave. As a, pardon the pun, big character? Her chances don’t look good.

Yellowjacket– Pretty much the same as above. With Ultron involved though… I can definitely see Hank staying on, hopefully with Jan.

Ant Man II– Poor Scott. He’s dead, killed in the preview pages.

Vision– I’d really really really really love to have Vision on the team. It doesn’t seem like the Avengers without him. The preview doesn’t look good though.

Hawkeye– Bendis would have far too much fun with Clint. He’s there. Unless he’s tapped for the new Thunderbolts series.

Black Widow I– Bendis is using her in Daredevil, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Natasha shows up here.

Spider-Man– I’m not kidding. Spidey’s a former reserve member, and arguably, Marvel’s biggest name (though in the MU, I’d say Cap’s got the top spot) I’d say he’s got a chance.

Daredevil– Another big Marvel name and Bendis favorite. Declined membership back in the day, but now? Maybe. Especially if Natasha joins.

Jarvis– He’s the only one I’m damn certain is there.

That’s about all the fanboy speculation I can heap upon you. But, I wouldn’t rule out Wolverine, but it’s unlikely.