Random Idea

May 22, 2005

There’s an empty building about a quarter mile from my house.  It’s been empty since we moved in– almost a year ago– and has been for as long as I can recall.   Here’s the thing: It’s a restaurant. For some reason, I can’t walk by it without thinking about opening one of my own.  I don’t want anything fancy or high class.  But I would love to have a small bar-type setting.  I, of course, do not have the money to start something like this.  Nor the experience.  However- and this is a big stumbling block- my parents do.  What I was thinking was they could run the dayside of things, I’d handle the nights.  Nothing will come of this, but I just thought I’d get it down and throw it out there.

A Bit Of Venting

May 19, 2005

No, I haven’t seen Star Wars yet. Please stop asking.

And, yes, I know Frank Gorshin died.