A Night At The Hip-Hopera

November 30, 2004

Download the KleptonesA Night At The Hip-Hopera.  A gorgeous mash-up of Queen and hip-hop.

Welcome To Our Thanksgiving Day Salute!

November 25, 2004

“Thanksgiving: when everyone in Britain gives thanks for our ancestors having sent all the religious freaks to America.”
Warren Ellis

Best. Book Report. Ever.

November 19, 2004

How To Kill A Mockingbird.

You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me.

November 19, 2004

I… No.  You can’t.

Sam Raimi, you won’t make Evil Dead IV, but you’ll do this?

Give me a decent budget and Bruce Campbell‘s phone number, I can make an Evil Dead IV that will not only not suck, but rock hard.

R.I.P. Harry Lampert

November 14, 2004

Co-creator of the Golden Age Flash, Harry Lampert, has died.

Spoiler-Free Reaction to Identity Crisis #6

November 10, 2004

No way.



That Was A Disney Movie?

November 7, 2004

Nah, just made with Mouse Money.  Pixar‘s latest release, The Incredibles, wasn’t as good as I was expecting.   Maybe I’m just jaded. At least, as far as superheroes are concerned.  I mean, I’ve seen some of the best (not to mention the worst– Rob Liefeld, I’m looking at you!) comics have to offer.  It’s not as if the movie’s doing anything new.  Alan Moore did a very similar story, albeit much darker with Marvelman (Miracleman, in the States).  There’s a lot of elements of The Last Days of the JSA in there as well.  A lot of influence from the Doom Patrol (mostly stealing borrowing Elasti-Girl‘s name) as well.   Okay, I’m getting geeky and critical.  I’m stopping.

Okay, previews: Nothing too exciting.  New Star Wars.  Seriously?  “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” popped up on the screen and I overheard someone crack: “Wait, before George Lucas sucked?”  Something called Polar Express too. Doesn’t look very promising to me.  And I love Tom Hanks.  Okay, Tom Hanks without Meg Ryan.

Election Night Running Coverage

November 2, 2004

The race is still fairly close. I’ve got my fingers crossed for Kerry and Edwards. I just don’t know. I’m just going to edit this entry and add to it as the night goes on.

According to the AP, the White House race is left up to Ohio and Florida.
Electoral Votes–


Source: Yahoo News

Electoral Votes–

Source: CNN.com

Electoral Votes–


Source: NPR


Source: CNN.com

Kerry’s still leading in Ohio, though.

NPR reports that many of the Nader votes from the 2000 election have moved to Kerry.


Source: Yahoo News

If Kerry wins Ohio, he’s pretty much got it in the bag.


Source: Yahoo News

NPR agrees.

November 3rd, 2004

Kerry just took New Hampshire.


Source: Yahoo News

Race is still too close to call. Really hoping for Kerry. Obviously.


Source: Yahoo News
Source: CNN

NPR reports the above. New Mexico, Ohio, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Iowa are still either too close or don’t have enough returns.

NPR and Yahoo give Bush Nevada.
Officials say that all of the provisional votes in Ohio will be counted.

This isn’t going to be over for a long damn time. Can I just move to Canada?

Bush is preparing to declare victory (and we all know how well he recognizes THAT) but Kerry refuses to concede until all votes are counted. What was that? Fl-Florida? Damn it. I’m going to bed.

Bush declared victory, and Kerry conceded. The tallies everyone is reporting (even me) are unofficial. Those results come from a private company. The official totals will not be released for several weeks. Oh, yeah, not to mention the owner of the company that designed, built, and programmed the voting machines is has publicly stated he is pro-Bush. Those votes can’t be tracked, either. No paper trail. Am I declaring shenanigans? Well, someone should.

Kid Stuff

November 1, 2004

Original script for a (mostly true) story I MAY be doing for the CCN’s Show & Tell III anthology.  I’m tweaking it a bit, fleshing it out.

The entire page is solid black.

CAPTION- A friend of mine died a few days ago.

Tall, narrow panel
A young man, our NARRATOR, is standing outside.

NARRATOR- Okay, that’s not totally true. I mean, Ken did die. Drug overdose, actually. But we hadn’t talked in years.

Three panels fill up the rest of the page. Two six-year-old boys doing kid stuff.

CAPTION- God. How long had it been? Since I moved away. We did little kid stuff. Eighties kid stuff to be honest. Our days were filled with Transformers, He-Man, G.I. Joe, comics, action figures. We used to dress up, pretend we were Ghostbusters. Oh man. That was a long time ago. Still… it hit me pretty hard.

Several panels of varying sizes. Our narrator flipping through a book or magazine.

NARRATOR- I’m seventeen. People my age aren’t supposed to die. Sigh… I felt so guilty when I heard about it.

Next panel shows and airplane in flight. The next, a slightly younger NARRATOR is getting dressed for prom. The rest show various dance shots.

CAPTION- I went back last year. Went to prom with a friend I’d kept in touch with. It was fun. Saw some people I hadn’t seen in years. I talked to Ken for a few minutes. Exchanged numbers and e-mail addresses and all that fun stuff. Didn’t really keep in touch.

NARRATOR walking around his room.

CAPTION-And now I don’t have the chance to talk to him. I know, that sounds cheesy. I don’t even know why I’m talking about it. I mean, what am I expecting? Some huge spiritual revelation? Who knows? Maybe I just need to think about it some more. Maybe I shouldn’t think about it.