Hulk Smash Puny Human

June 10, 2008

I’m way way way way way excited for the new Incredible Hulk movie.  Big fan of Edward Norton and Tim Roth, so I’ve got hope for this film.

Rupert Murdoch Admits Bias

June 10, 2008



I can’t believe he admitted that.


June 8, 2008

Bouncing around the YouTube the other day and came across this video:

and it got me thinking.

Mostly about how overused zombies are.

Mighty God King pointed out:

“They’re done. They’re so done. You know I’m right about this. We have just about reached that time where it is time to put the zombies back in their zombie-box and let them sit for ten years or so. Land Of The Dead was just the first hint of this, then 28 Weeks Later came along to stink up the joint, and god knows how bad the new Day of the Dead remake will be…

(For those who are wondering, bears were the new zombies, and 70s muscle cars are the new bears. I am unsure as to what will be the new 70s muscle cars, but my money is on cowboys.)”

Like I said, overplayed. We’ve had the Walking Dead (which, granted, is awesome), Marvel Zombies, Marvel Zombies 2, Marvel Zombies Vs. Army of Darkness, Marvel Zombies: Dead Days, the just-announced Marvel Zombies 3, and dozens of zombie variant covers.

Mostly I blame Marvel.

But, I couldn’t get the thought out of my head. I kept getting ideas. Scenes, bits of dialogue.

So, I started writing a script.

I attempted to reply to the young lady’s post, but the YouTube hates me and erased my reply when I attempted to post it.

I’m only ten or eleven pages in at the moment (which, based on the way I write, is probably about twenty or thirty minutes of screen time– Screenplay Rule Of Thumb be DAMNED!), but I may post bits here and there, if anyone wants to read it.

Interview II: Interview Harder

June 4, 2008

My interview yesterday didn’t go as well as I thought.  Not that it went badly (I usually do well in interviews), they just, y’know, didn’t call me back for a second interview.  Which is their prerogative.  I have an interview scheduled Friday afternoon with Orion Marketing.  So, again I’m asking for positive thoughts, crossed fingers, pennies tossed into wells/fountains/off the Empire State Building, burnt sacrifices to the Almighty Truck Farmer.



I Can Haz Intarvu?

June 3, 2008

I had a job interview with Brookfield Marketing this afternoon.  It’s a marketing/sales/management position.  Fast-paced, kind of challenging position.  Definitely not for someone who’s not willing to learn and adapt.  I’m really curious about it.  Fingers crossed, wish me luck, all that jazz.

It did, however, go better than this:

10 Things I Hate About Commandments

May 21, 2006

“From the creators of Must Love Jaws comes a comedy three thousand years in the making.”

Stephen Colbert At The White House Press Dinner

April 30, 2006

Yes Yes Yes

November 1, 2005

A warning– Not so much with the work safe-ness.

June 4, 2004

I’ve really been digging Where Have You Been? by Reel Big Fish lately.